About Beki Sellick

Beki Sellick started work on the shopfloor and built a career in engineering, from managing 100 staff on shifts to defining and delivering railway improvement projects.  She has spent her professional life bringing people together to solve problems.

She is passionate about Peterborough and its people. She is proud of its heritage and determined to make a positive difference to its future. As well as running her own business, Beki lives in Peterborough with her family and is immersed in the local community – volunteering for local charities and with her daughter at a local state secondary school.

Family wage earner: 30 years on from joining British Rail, and after 20 years in the privatised rail industry, Beki set up her own local engineering and innovations business in 2016. She advises on sustainable transport and connectivity, as a national and local policy and infrastructure expert. Beki uses her experience (and her Oxford University engineering and economics degree) to support small businesses and implement great new ideas into the industry.

Why politics: Since childhood, Beki has been motivated by fairness and equality, determined to do all she can to make sure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their potential in life.

Peterborough: Chose to make her home here over a decade ago, after moving round the country for jobs. Proud of the city’s heritage and its potential. Loves the people and the shared future. Beki is Chair of her residents association which runs a monthly community café and successfully campaigned to win greater rights for local tenants to provide more security and greater protection from rogue landlords.

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